About Us

Little Miss AKA Sara Terzi was born and raised between Brooklyn, NY and Oakhurst NJ. She now resides in Brooklyn with her unorganized husband and four wonderful children.

People have been asking..
How did she start this business? Was she always organized? Is it a hobby she picked up or is it something that she was born with?

So here is how the legend goes...
Sara didn’t even know it, but Little Miss began at birth. Being the eldest of four children, a straight A student, president of her school & editor of her yearbook, Sara knew she had to be organized. Her school notes, organized. Her school bag, organized. Her room, organized.

Where did she get it from? Growing up in a home with a mom who is queen organization, there was no other way. Its in our genes!

Later on Sara got married and had kids. She would follow our mother’s ways inside (in her closets) and out. Mom always taught us that a person’s home is the most important place to be organized and beautiful, and that is the way your children should be raised. This was definitely an important life lesson. Today, all of Mom's children know this and feel blessed to have the keys to a well oiled (and very organized) home.

After 15 years of marriage and having no more diapers, bottles or naps on her daily schedule, Sara decided it was a great time start a business. She came across a few different jobs and hobbies but nothing excited her like the rush of an organized closet, sparkling clean carpets, and a perfectly labeled book shelf. Friends would come over and stare at her basement toy closet. How did she even know where to buy every size box in colors to match every room!?

One day, a friend was moving homes and asked her to help organize her kitchen. Being someone who thrived on those projects, she immediately said yes. While working in that kitchen, a neighbor popped over and said “Wow! Can you do this for me??” Slowly but surely, a business was born. Soon after, Lizzy and I (Sofia) joined to create the LMO team to help Sara take it to the next level, designing and creating the beautiful rooms you see today.