“We Are Animals! I Don’t Want to Live Like This Anymore!”

By: Sarina Setton

Pictured above is only some of the trash from a cleanup and basement revamping that the LMO Crew took on. Our client, who saw a serious attic job done at his brother-in-law’s house went home the day that he had seen it and said to his wife “I think we need to call Little Miss Organizer.” To put it lightly, this was one heck of a cleanup (which somehow took only one day for our team to complete).

As a newbie to the bunch I’m seriously amazed by this; and if I told you how long I sometimes leave miscellaneous piles of stuff to organize, I’d probably not be allowed to write for this blog. But anyway, enough about me and more about the revamp.


This basement was as cliche as basements go. Dreary. Dull. Lifeless. Someplace you’d never want to send your kids down to play. The full sized 1990’s television set (because that’s what it was called then, a television set). Did it even work? Probably not. An oddly placed refrigerator. A closet full of packed in stuff. The proof is in the pictures. For LMO, this was cake. The team morphed this space into something bright, fresh and most importantly, organized. Out went that cluttered looking wall of closets (the irony, right?) and in came clean sheetrock with brightly colored shelving inserts.

Pops of hot neon colors made this basement really shine. I especially liked the art series that nicely tied in with the accented pieces of furniture and the bright orange paint. The army printed area rug was the perfect amount of edgy to help complete the look of this space. We watched the basement transport into 2015 with an LED TV mounted on the wall leaving an airy and completely uncluttered feel. This job was nothing short of
perfection. Great job LMO!