Little Miss Organizer's Tips & Tricks

By: Sarina Setton

As most of us have been spending the last week or so preparing for the upcoming holiday I thought it might be cute to get the inside scoop on how LMO prepares for passover. I debated interviewing Sara herself but then thought who better to get the lowdown from than her kids? I sat down with Gloria (Sara's eldest) who began to tell me that LMO's number one tip is to start early and to do a little bit at a time. Most of us start after Purim, right? LMO does her first cleaning during intercession in January. As of February 1st she stops buying chametz and starts to clean out the pantry. Jack, Sara's youngest, has been complaining since then of the lack of food in the house. "I'm starving" he says. I explained to Gloria that I tried holding the same policy this year and that because my house was so low on food my husband actually took himself to the grocery store on Sunday (yes, 6 days before Passover) and came home with not one, but two boxes of cereal along with a box of frozen super pretzels.

You aren’t scary enough, my mother is a tyrant.
— Gloria Terzi

I need a lesson in husband control it seems. Once the house is cleaned Sara holds a strict rule of food staying in the kitchen. As Jack put it "she is the kitchen police." Gloria went on to explain how Sara shampoos her carpets every year. By herself. She also pays her children to empty out their closets, try on old clothes and to discard whatever they aren't wearing anymore.

Most people get a car wash before the holiday to ensure that there is no chametz present in their vehicles. Sara has Gloria take care of this job but also takes this one step further by making Jack "bathe" his toy cars.

Once Passover is done Sara continues to keep the house on low to avoid any extra food in the house before it's time to move to Deal in the summer.

We have to move in with Grandma Marilyn and she only lets us bring our bodies so it’s either garbage or you stay in Brooklyn.

Poor Jack. Perhaps my husband will take him on secret grocery runs.