An Ode To Mom

BY: Sofia Jemal

As Mother's Day approaches so many different topics enter my mind. Thinking about how
much our mom has influenced us is really the predominant category. Not sure how it goes in everyone else's family, but in our family mom sure takes a lot of crap. Anything and everything she does comes under scrutiny. The good, the bad and the ugly... always the butt of the joke. So mom, This ones for you!

As mentioned in many other articles, it is very clear that our mom ran a very tight ship at home. Clothes hung in size and color order, spices tightly sealed and arranged by size, Linens folded to perfection and so on... But besides keeping her home in the most organized fashion she loves to entertain and decorate it in style. This she teaches us everyday. It used to be when we were young we would have to watch and keep our hands out of the way. As we progressed into our teens we would actually become helpful. She would have us in the kitchen helping her and at the same time she would be teaching us what she does and how she does it so beautifully and fast. Then in our 20's she let us push her out of the way and let us take over. Once having kids...Now in our 30's and 40's we've become the guests who she's entertaining for. As the years go by mom always keeps it fresh, interesting and beautiful.

Same goes for her decorating. She always had a knack for it. Even as little kids she would ask us what colors we like in our rooms and would incorporate each of our personality in our spaces. Thats something we use everyday in our decorating. Every element of what we do at LMO started with our mom. Even when she would bring furniture to a rental or redo her garden everything would be drawn out to scale to make sure the pieces fit. All of these things; How to use space. How to be unconventional but practical. And how there are no rules. Black and white in every room will always add depth and wood for texture.

A favorite past time of our mom is magazine shopping and browsing. Almost every weekend as long as I can remember mom goes to the stand on east 16th and ave J and buys all the home decorating magazines and studies them over and over again. As she flips through the pages for the second and third time the pages are marked with thin color coded post its. By the time we get there the next week the pages are all torn out and put in a book. A book she created for herself. She catches things in that book that you sometimes wouldn't even think to give a second glance. But we are learning from her everyday. She didn't get this way over night and neither did we.

Getting back to Mother's Day.... Mothers day is one of the nicest days in our family because it is always a Sunday morning brunch that everyone is relaxed and there is no where to run. Our Mom has always hosted her own brunch. Over the last decade the tables have turned. We Have taken over the brunch as she did for her mom. In our family Mother's day is a highly sought after date to claim. You actually need a one year in advance reservation! It is finally my turn (Sofia) and I am truly excited to host this year as Sara, being the Eldest, has Hosted the last bunch of brunches. LMO and her family will be away so we will be missing a big chunk of the family but its nice to actually have mom come to one of our meals. She always makes a fuss over us, its her turn to be fussed over! Looking forward!
Hope you all have a wonderful Mothers day!








LMO's take on Mother's Day Brunch, table setting as taught by mom

Mom and her Girls Left to Right: Sara, Lizzy, Marilyn, Sofia & Reggie

Mom and her Girls
Left to Right: Sara, Lizzy, Marilyn, Sofia & Reggie