The Wall of Happy Customers



“I always considered myself an organized person, but LMO literally redefined the word! What started out as rearranging a few kitchen cabinets ended in a complete kitchen make over, a basement overhaul and attic clean up... You get the idea. I couldn't get enough! The well thought out room plans, the fabulous containers, the detailing and care that went into each room set LMO apart. They are in a class of their own!”

-  Elaine D


“Little Miss Organizer changed my life. She moved me into a new house and gave everything I ever owned its own place and label. She taught me A to Z from which cleaning products to use, to how to make my beds, "The Little Miss Organizer way." Her style is efficient and practical to suit your lifestyle. I wonder now how I ever lived without her.”

- Claire S.


“Little miss organizer works quickly and efficiently to make your space functional and beautiful (but maybe 1000x better than you thought was possible) Sara and her team took my art room that had been a disorganized mess (and God knows I tried to organize it) and turned it into an art studio! She knew just what furniture to install and how to stow away the materials. If I had years to organize it, I couldn't have come up with a more perfect solution. ”

- Daniella L.


“Hi. Wanted to let you know that Sara terzi and her crew absolutely changed my life. I am blessing her every day. She turned my life and my business around from haveing a meeting with ppl in my kitchen to meeting with ppl in a gorgeous showroom that looks soo professional I think everyone who leaves my showroom calls her right when they leave.”

- Rochelle M.


“Sara and her team were literally lifesavers ! Packing ,unpacking, organizing ... They accomplished in a few days what would have taken a few months! Forever grateful!”

- Samantha S.


“LMO turned my boring stark basement into a multi functional dream world that suits both my daughter and my sons needs. It's colorful cool vibe and cozy atmosphere made it the perfect kids hangout haven! I am so grateful to Sarah and Sophia for executing exactly what I needed and more in a timely fashion and for maximizing the space I had. Hats of to this amazing team who always worked with a smile and a terrific work ethic!”

- Nicole B.


“There is NO ONE better to get the job done . Sara comes in and knows in 2 second what she's doing . She moves at such a quick and efficient pace . She's just THAT amazing . Waking up and knowing that Sara was coming that morning was exciting -You just have so much fun with her that when she's done your so sad that the jobs over that you just want to mess what she did so that she comes back !! She loves what she does and it shows . She's the best . HANDS DOWN! A BIG SARA TERZI FAN

- Sari H.


“LMO has the best crew! They transformed my sons DRAB old room into a FAB new room for my daughter!!”

- Lynn S. 


“Was truly a pleasure working with LMO. Every room or closet we tackled was done to perfection and still looks amazing years later!! Quick and friendly service!”

- Rochelle D. 


“Moving into a new house can be so overwhelming Sarah and her amazing teams made my move the exact opposite!!! It was one of the best experiences I ever went through!!! What a privilege to have her help me organize my life and guide me in such a special time in my life. Until today I smile every time I open a draw with cute little compartments in it! It's almost impossible to get "unorganized" after Sarah walks into your door! Thank you thank you for everything I love you! And loved every minute working together!”

- Ceil H.


“ Working with LMO was a real pleasure! They are sweet, professional, fun and efficient . Whatever your wishes and expectations are they make sure to meet them.”

- Ruby D. 


“ I always had a vision of the way I wanted my home to be. I stayed up countless nights trying to get papers and closets organized. I either got interrupted or exhausted and never finished what i started. Sara came into my home and turned my dream into a reality she organized my papers closets and even my kids books. !! Everything she tackled was picture perfect when she was done !!! It is an amazing feeling to come home each day to know your home is in order and under control. I loveto open my closets and see everything labeled and organized. I cannot thank Sara enough for making my dream come true!!!”

- Lottie S. 


“ LMO was a pleasure to work with. They listened to what we wanted and created a vision that worked for all our kids. The execution was quick, professional and reasonable. I would highly recommend her for bedrooms basements or any fun spaces. 

- Sally & Joey S. 


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